ILVES is sponsoring and attending the Future Lawyer Week 2019

CEO, Heikki

+ 20 years of experience in the legal field, L.LM

The Future Lawyer Week 2019 is taking place May 28-30, 2019 at the etc.Venues St Paul's in London. You are warmly welcome to visit our stand to chat about exciting new Ilveshaku enterprise search optimised for lawyers.

Watch a 1 minute video on Ilveshaku, optimized for lawyers.

Get the information you need from one place

We launched our innovative enterprise search platform ‘Ilveshaku’ to help you thrive with the exponential growth of data.

Ilveshaku intelligently extracts data, information and knowledge from multiple internal and external data sources. It provides a single-point of access to all information lawyers need.

The user interface is easy to optimise for any legal practice through legal work specific plugins, developed in collaboration with lawyers.

Easily find information from one place. Read more on Ilveshaku or book a demo.

I look forward to meeting you!