ILVES is sponsoring the Legal Design Summit and Brain Factory

The Legal Design Summit 2019 will take place from 10–13 September 2019 in Helsinki. The summit brings together over 500 international experts and forerunners in the fields of LAW, DESIGN, AND DIGITAL SERVICES. Read more about the event

The legal market is moving from a relationship-based to a buyer-centric and data-driven one. The legal profession has the challenge of learning which data can add business value, and drive efficiency to meet their clients’ more for less demands.

We believe that it’s our job to make the data behind technology valuable by narrowing the gap between data and the future of everyday legal work. We are delighted to have the opportunity to sponsor the Legal Design Summit and Brain Factory taking place from 10–13 September 2019. It is a significant opportunity to share our insights and learn from the international participants of the Brain Factory.

We named our Brain Factory track: Data, design and daily work‘Redesign lawyers’ legal every-day work process, that is inspired by designerly methods and innovative use of organizational data’. Read our Challenge in detail here. The track is mentored by the internationally renowned expert in the field, Caitlin Moon, Director of Innovation Design, Vanderbilt Law School.

We are about to launch a strategic legal design tool for lawyers. It will help legal organizations maximize value creation for their clients and increase their own profitability by utilizing their organizational data. Our new Search Cost Calculator is a MVP (beta) of the new tool. It helps to estimate how much staff time can be saved from lawyers’ search tasks (by using a single point of access to organizational information) and used for more skilled work. Give it a try – We would love to know what you think about it!

Our tool and data & design services will be further developed based on the feedback and insights gathered from the Brain Factory workshops. We will be happy to tell you more about our new service and our enterprise search solution ‘Ilveshaku’.

We look forward to meeting you in Helsinki!

CEO, Heikki

+ 20 years of experience in the legal field, L.LM

CTO, Lasse

+ 20 years of experience in tech

Head of Design, SP

+ 15 years of experience in design

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Get the information you need from one place

Ilveshaku intelligently extracts data, information and knowledge from multiple internal and external data sources. It provides a single-point of access to all information lawyers need. Easily find information from one place.

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