Find the needle in the hay stack

Search multiple network drives in one search, preview documents without opening them and open the document location easily. Supports content analysis services.

Common filters

Created date
Data type multi choice
Free text free text
Modified date date
Nearby words multi choice
Term detection multi choice
Title multi choice

File filters

Supported filters
Assigned ACL multi choice
Business IDs amount
Document creator multi choice
Drive multi choice
Email addresses amount
File extension multi choice
File size range
First names amount
Folder name multi choice
Keywords multi choice
Last names amount
Office documents multi choice
Phone numbers amount
Street addresses amount
Zip codes amount

Image filters

Height range
Width range


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect my own workstation to Ilveshaku?

Yes. Ilveshaku can connect to any network drive including the workstations.

Can I open the Document file location directly from Ilveshaku?

Yes. Ilveshaku opens My Computer to the document’s parent directory and Highlights the Document.

What kind of network drives are supported?

Ilveshaku supports Windows, Mac and Linux network file systems supporting Samba protocol.