We accelerate the digital transformation of the legal profession by giving practical advice on the key areas of legal tech and legal management consulting. Our approach is holistic, client value-centric, and business-minded. We are a one-stop-shop for legal tech support.

From vision into action

Keeping pace with digitalization is a major challenge in the legal field. We are a one-stop-shop of legal tech and legal management services with over 20 years of experience in the fields of law and IT & data solutions. Our shared legal tech journey begins by understanding your current situation, pain points, and vision. Let’s talk!

Legal tech services

Module 1 – Innovation & Strategy

Optimize and exploit your current business model while accelerating the process of exploring new innovative models:

  • Business models
  • Open innovation
  • Strategy process
  • Client intimacy

Module 2 – Legal Design

Create extraordinary client and employee experiences.​ Ask us about:

  • Client experience
  • Service offering
  • Employee experience
  • Organizational design

Module 3 – Future of Work

Building new ways to work is now on everyone’s agenda. Redesign and boost your team’s daily tasks and activities with data:

  • Redesigning jobs
  • Self leadership
  • Processes and worksflows
  • Document management
  • Data capability

Module 4 – Knowledge Management

Get the organizational information you need from one place. Read more about our innovative legal tech products and integration services:

  • Ilves Search
  • Ilves MyActivities
  • Ilves Data Boards
  • Ilves Microsoft Teams APPs for lawyers
  • Ilves EMIE and REST API
  • Integrations

Module 5 – Productive Culture & Wellbeing

Culture plays a key role in the success of all legal tech initiatives. Build a productive legal tech-friendly culture:

  • Legal tech friendly culture
  • Values dialogues
  • Values process
  • Partner engagement

Our collaboration partners

We offer our leading legal tech advisory service and legal tech products in collaboration with our carefully chosen partner companies. Our partners:

CSI Helsinki – More time for legal

Zefort – Zero-effort contract management


We work on 30-day sprints to ensure that things get done. Minimum billing: 4 days during 30 days, 2500 € / day (+VAT).

Legal technology implementation according to the price list.