It is time-consuming and expensive to develop and maintain integrations in-house. Save both time and money by purchasing integrations as a service.

Why Integrations as a Service?

Foundation for success

The value provided by a professional services firm is based on its organizational data. Up-to-date, high-quality, and accessible data enables efficiency and smooth expert work.

More time for the essential

Our service frees up time and enables the faster achievement of your goals. We take care of the development, maintenance, and continuous improvement of the integrations.

Masterdata management

Our service includes master data standardization and data stream descriptions of the data types handled by connectors in use. See connector descriptions below.

Integration as a service in brief

Our integration service is a comprehensive solution tailored to your needs. It consists of the following elements:

  • Ilves EMIE data and integration platform: installation on Ilves Cloud or on-premise and licenses
  • Selected ready made data source connectors, see below: activation fee and licenses
  • Ilves Management Console user interface, installation and licenses
  • Master data standardization: expert work
  • Data streams: expert work
  • Enrichment and standardization of your data: expert work and automation
  • Utilizing of AI capabilities in data processing with large language models (Gen AI) or narrow AI: expert work
  • Deployment of a ready-made integration or a customized integration: expert work or implementation of Ilves Data Boards
  • Continuous maintenance and development of integrations: subscription fee

Our service is particularly suitable for e.g. law firms that do not have the necessary expertise or sufficient resources in their own team for the development and maintenance of the data capabilities described above.

Example integrations

Integrations automate core business processes:

  • Customer relationship management: PM (e.g. CSI lawyer) <-> CRM (e.g. Hubspot, MS Dynamics, Salesforce). Two-way integration, where customer-related master data is held consistent between PM and CRM systems
  • Document management: PM (e.g. CSI lawyer) -> DM (e.g. Imanage, MFiles, Sharepoint). One-way integration, where customer information is automatically transferred from the ERP system to the document management system and the management of the client/matter folder structure in the document management system is automated
  • Project management: A new customer and assignment is opened in the PM system, based on which Teams/channels are automatically opened with access rights according to PM data

Ilves EMIE connectors

    This is how we work

    Get the foundation right

    We start by understanding your business needs and make plan to harness the value of your data.

    All data into one place

    We standardize and enrich your data within the processes of Ilves EMIE and make it accessible from one place.

    Automate with integrations

    Effortlessly, automate your business process. Make organizational data valuable, e.g. by implementing Ilves Data Boards.

    Information security

    The user interface implementations follow the OWASP 10 guidelines and industry best practices in terms of information security. The general information security and intrusion resistance are audited by a third party.

    Customized connectors and integrations

    Isn’t your system on our connector list or you can’t find a example of an integration you’d need? Connecting new data sources to the Ilves EMIE platform can be done flexibly. Feel free to get in touch. We are happy to provide a quote for connector development or a tailored integration.