Get enterprise data streams from many systems through one API

All Ilves enterprise products and solutions are built on the Ilves Enterprise Metadata Indexing Engine (EMIE) platform, which features metadata extraction, indexing, automatic document tagging, and change tracking. It brings information from many data sources into one place. Ilves EMIE is compatible with the latest generative AI capabilities.

Why Ilves EMIE?

Integration as a service

We offer data source integrations you need as a service e.g. iManage and Microsoft 365. Ask us about tailored connectors.


Easily benefit from the latest AI / GenAI capabilities on your specific use case. EMIE is compliant with ready-made AI APIs from Google , Microsoft, Tesseract, OpenAI etc.

Standards compatibility

With EMIE, we can make your data compatible with industry standards.

Accelerated digital transformation

Get enterprise data streams from many systems through one API and power your innovation initiatives with your unique data.

Cost and time savings

EMIE is a highly cost-efficient alternative compared to many other data platforms. Implement EMIE in a matter of days and get things done fast.

Boosted data capability

Easily boost your data capability and fully harness the value of your organizational data.

The platform overview

In a rapidly changing business environment, it is crucial to move forward. The unique EMIE core capabilities offer professional services organizations a fast alternative to harness the value of their organizational information and transform it into business value.

Ilves Generative AILab for forerunners

Ilves EMIE enables the secure utilization of generative artificial intelligence capabilities (GenAI, GAI) in the current and future legal tech products of Ilves. Contact us if you are interested in the subject and would like to learn more about the Ilves Generative AI Lab.

Improved data capabilities

Data capability is the foundation for successful digital transformation. The core capabilities of EMIE consists of a modular backend platform that governs:

  • Data source connectors (Microsoft O365, iManage, M-Files, Jira etc.)
  • Search indexes and changelogs
  • Metadata extraction and normalization pipelines
  • Document analysis and tagging services
  • User and access management

Universal search

Organizational data and information is made accessible and searchable from one place using three different methods:

  1. By retrieving data and indexing metadata in the Ilves EMIE backend search index
  2. By performing queries against remote service APIs through the Ilves EMIE backend
  3. By performing queries against remote web APIs from the Ilves EMIE JS library


EMIE provides multiple integration API alternatives to access organizational information from one place.

  • HTTP/REST search and management API
  • JavaScript API library
  • Java SPI for implementing and extending EMIE backend services

User management

The platform features a pluggable authentication mechanism supporting SSO, OAuth, and MFA/2FA capable authentication providers. Supported providers include:

  • Microsoft 365, Google, Facebook
  • Active Directory
  • LDAP


The platform is designed from the ground up in order to make confidential organizational information accessible without compromising security. The search indexes contain access control information (such as filesystem ACL objects) as part of the metadata for each indexed document. Users can only see documents and search results they have read access to in the source systems.

Deployment scenarios

The ILVES EMIE platform has two main deployment options:

  1. On-premise or private cloud instance
  2. Cloud instance hosted by Ilves Solutions

The backend application can be installed on a single virtual server (Windows Server 2016, Windows 2010, or Linux RHEL) or it can be distributed over multiple servers with search indexes, databases, document converters and parsers installed on separate servers.