Boost the bottom line by quickly capturing billable activities

It is a daily pain to open many systems to determine billable activities. A lot of valuable time is wasted every day and billable hours forgot.

Now you can get the information you need for time entries from one place with Ilves MyActivities. Quickly capture billable activities on your personal daily timelines.

Why Ilves MyActivities?

Easily plug time leaks

We eliminate time leaks by tracking activities on many systems and bringing them into one place.

Crystal clear business case

A lot of staff time is wasted every day and a forgotten 15 min billable activity could be worth € 50-150. Ilves MyActivities could save both time and money.

Less stress, more time

Ilves MyActivities is a daily pain reliever for all professionals tracking their time. It saves time for more skilled tasks and could even contribute to a better work-life balance.


Time is money – do you know how much your professional team spends on searching for information for time entries?

This is how it works

Open Ilves MyActivities

Get a daily reminder e-mail and click on the link or open the MyActivities app.

Browse daily timeline

Browse your personal daily activities on many systems from one place.

Find billable activities

Easily find billable activities and view details to log billable time.

Key features

Automated activity tracking

Automatically identify and track activities performed from all connected applications. The magic is done in the background and the data is pushed to users without any manual work.

Browser or Teams app

Easily access personal activity data through browser or Microsoft Teams app. A daily reminder e-mail offers an additional way to access your personal timeline of activities.

Integrated experience

Get advanced pro features at a reasonable cost by utilizing ready-made integrations.

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Transaction Boutique TRUST. Selects Ilves Search and Ilves MyActivities

TRUST. selects Ilves Search and Ilves MyActivities Saas legal tech solutions.


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Fully automated activity capture
Daily e-mail notification
Details, preview and open activity features

  • Microsoft Office 365 integration
  • Cloud or on-premise installation
  • Single sign-on (SSO): OAuth, Azure AD, ADFS

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Client and matter matching
Fast time entries from activity timeline
Pre-filled timesheets

  • Microsoft Teams App
  • Integration with PM / ERP / Billing system
  • Integration with document management system
  • Chrome extension / data source
  • Integration with UC / telephone operator

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The monthly user license costs doesn’t include all costs such as monthly hosting and set-up costs. All prices are exclusive of VAT.