Get client and matter data from one place

Finding and accessing the latest client and project information is a challenge in professional services firms.

Ilves Data Boards bring into one place client and matter documents, messages, and other client-related data. Automatically updated data streams free up valuable staff time for client work and help your team to deliver better client experience.

Why Ilves Data Boards?

Client data at your fingertips

Discovering client and matter information from one place saves staff time for client service and more skilled tasks – true data centricity.

Single view of client information

Improve teamwork with up-to-date information with client and matter data automatically collected from your organization’s CRM, ERP, PM, DMS, and O365 business applications.

Better client experience

Automated data streams remove waste from the service delivery processes, enabling faster reaction times and thus a better client experience.


Time is money – do you know how much your team spends on searching for client and matter information?

This is how it works

Choose client or matter

Easily find your clients and matters from one place. Search, browse or click the recent list.

Get a single view

Lead the client relationship with the latest information and data from all systems and know what is happening.

Get work done

Make better decisions, lead the client team, or give advice based on the latest information and data.

Key features

Client and matter matching

Auto-tagging of client and matter data enables client and matter information data streams.

Easy to use user interfaces

Easily find the latest information from a web browser or on Microsoft Teams user interface. Training is not needed.

Data export tools

Client and matter data streams are available through Ilves EMIE REST API. Contact us to learn more.


Ask us about the pricing of the following alternatives tailored for your needs:

  • Client and/or matter data board user interface on browser and/or Microsoft Teams
  • Data export tools