Ilves is an established and innovative family business founded in 2011. We make data valuable. Ilves is comprised of three companies: Ilves Solutions Ltd, Ilves Valmisohjelmistot Oy and Ilves Invest Ltd.

”Transparency is the key to delivering a superior employee experience.”

Heikki Ilvessalo

Managing Director

”Finding dispersed information is everyone’s right.”

Lasse Ilvessalo

Chief Technology Officer

Our team:

Anne-May, Heikki, Johanna, Juhani, Lasse, Niko, Peter, Petri-Juhani, Seppo, SP

Our values:


We are open, transparent and honest in everything we do


We put ourselves in somebody else’s position, listen and share our knowledge


We do it right the first time


We set big goals and go all in to achieve them


We grow with open-mindedness and agility

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