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ILVES helps organizations build their future success with data. Benefit from your organizational data today and build concrete data & AI capabilities on top of this. Start building your future legal work with us by following how our #LDS2019 Brain Factory legal design challenge evolves and by redesigning your own legal search tasks with our new Search Cost Calculator (beta).

I worked for 15 years building a business law firm in Finland. It was a great opportunity to focus on developing the legal business field in both Finland and abroad. Now, after focusing on combining my legal industry expertise with ILVES’ services, it’s time to reflect on how I see ‘legal tech’ and what we can bring to the table.

Finland is a relatively small market with its own unique flavours when it comes to legal culture. Lawyers in Finland are extremely practical, they get straight to the point and the work itself has been more international than local for years. Finnish lawyers are pathfinders in legaldesign, thanks to a pool of visionary students from the University of Helsinki and forerunners in Finnish law firms. When it comes to technology at large, we are well known for our deep expertise in the field. Now we are jumping into the booming legaltech market with our talent and edge.

A couple of years ago, the ‘AI-boom’ dominated the legal field’s media space. Many law firms and in-house teams jumped in and piloted the new ‘Artificial intelligence’ technologies. However, the limited capability of AI left a gap between expectations and reality. Today, ‘Artificial intelligence’ is a remarkably inspiring, complicated and still hyped technology, which includes a strong technology centric thinking bias.

How does the practical ‘Finnish way‘ and technology centered thinking link to the Legal Design Summit event? Well, in every way. We at ILVES believe that in order to maximize the business value of legal tech, the thinking bias must be turned towards people centric thinking and data capabilities. What could do it better than organising an event focusing on design thinking in the legal domain?

We believe that it is about time to stop using the ‘everyone is using this technology’ strategy and instead develop strategies and roadmaps for the future by focusing on creating more value with data and a focus on people and developing legal tasks by using a language that everyone in the industry understands.

Many lawyers’ daily routines, as well as client journey touchpoints, will change when transparent access to data and AI powered insights are available. The AI capabilities will improve all value adding legal and business processes. Our platform makes it possible to benefit from them as soon as they are available. For example, read more about our OCR plugin that already uses neural networks AI.

Interested in knowing more? Get another cup of coffee and enjoy the next steps of your data & design journey with us:

  1. Watch a video about getting the information you need from one place with Ilveshaku. Watch 1 min video.
  2. Read more about our #LDS2019 Brain Factory challenge: Data & design in daily work (3 min read)
  3. Try out our new Search Cost Calculator – you’ll be surprised the staff time cost of daily information search tasks! (1 min try out) . Try

Let’s start building the future of legal work for your company with organizational data and practical legal design, focusing on legal tasks.
Stay tuned for our next blog on what we learned from our fantastic international Brainfactory team and what the next steps of the journey are!

Have a fantastic day and Legal Design Summit 2019!


Published 12.9.2019 at 14:20