The success of our clients and our company is based on responsible operations. Our commitment to sustainability is based on our mission and strategy, which along with our values, create the framework for our product development and responsible business practices.

Ilves Enterprise Suite software products make it easier for our clients to act responsibly by promoting sustainable development and organization-wide well-being, by eliminating manual work and stress.

Staff health and wellbeing

We take good care of the well-being and health of our staff in the following ways according to our People First policy:

  • At the workplace, we provide an electric desk, an ergonomic office chair, large screens and calm working conditions.
  • Working from home is possible at the staff member’s own discretion. Everyone can borrow an electric desk and other necessary equipment for ergonomic work in their home office.
  • The entire staff has extensive occupational health services.
  • We work mainly on weekdays between 8.00 and 16.00.

Environmental responsibility

We minimize environmental damage and climate change in the following ways:

  • Our cloud services are offered in Equinix’s modern data centers in Finland. Read more here.
  • We operate completely electronically without paper. We recycle any paper that we might use.
  • We extend the life cycle of our computers and mobile devices by repairing and updating them before replacing them. We donate old usable equipment to those who need it.
  • We provide our staff an employer-provided bicycle as a fringe benefit.

Social responsibility

The company carries out its social responsibility in the following ways:

  • Ilves Enterprise Suite products are optimized to perform only necessary processes to maintain organizational data reliably updated for our clients’ professionals.
  • We develop software products that promote sustainable development and organization wide well-being, by eliminating manual work and stress and reducing time and money wasted from our clients’ operations.
  • We will accelerate the digitalization of the legal industry and create a common language to enable the evolution of the industry by organizing free online events together with the leading players in the field.
  • In 2022-2023, we helped children and population in Ukraine suffering from the war to overcome the emergency by making a donations to Save the Children, the to Ukrainian Association in Finland and Your Finnish Friends ry.

Security and privacy

  • Our company is committed to a high level of data security in all its operations, and to operating in accordance with EU Data Protection Regulation.
  • We operate in a transparent manner, continuously improving information security in accordance with our annual risk management schedule and information security principles.
  • Our software products are audited and penetration tested by a third party prior to, and regularly after publication in accordance with OWASP framework.
Picture by Heikki Ilvessalo on his electric bike, Soukanranta in Espoo 7/2021