Lasse Ilvessalo



Lasse is an entrepreneur and innovator with more than 25 years of experience in demanding data and integration projects in both the private sector and public administration. Prior to founding Ilves in 2011, Lasse had gathered valuable experience as an entrepreneur working with data in different forms. He possesses extensive experience and expertise in diverse areas such as analytics, document management, integrations, user management, and master data MDM.

He is a full-stack developer with a strong interest in creating solutions that guarantee seamless data flow and generation of data value. Collaborating with Ilves’ clients and the team, he is dedicated to the goal of enhancing the value of data.

Lasse’s main focus is on helping our clients through strategic data advisory on demanding data challenges, integrations as a service, and easy-to-use Ilves tech products. Additionally, he leads Ilves Gen AI Lab’s technical innovations towards our vision of offering a secure, cost efficient, fully integrated, and user-friendly Gen AI-powered workspace tailored for lawyers.

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  • Full-Stack Development
  • Project Management
  • Company Data Management and maintenance
  • Data cleansing processes
  • Gen AI Legal Tech Tools
  • Integrations as a Service