The Ilves iManage Work connector allows users to both access and update all content and activities in iManage Work for various purposes.

Key features

Used in Ilves products Ilves EMIE, Ilves Search, Ilves MyActivities, Ilves Data board, Ilves GDPR
Connector category Document management system (DMS)
Implementation API
Indexed Not indexed
Supports version history
Supports access rights
Document preview
Metadata extraction
Connector type Two-way

Data types



Recent activities from iManage Work to Ilves Myactivities time tracker

Information from the iManage Work recent documents / mails data streams is automatically collected for the Ilves MyActivities timeline.

Opening the assignment folder for a new assignment

Workspace is automatically opened in the iManage Work system based on the PMS/CMS integration. The integration keeps the user authentication up-to-date.

Enterprise search from iManage Work

The connector enables advanced single search from iManage Work.