Transaction Boutique TRUST. Selects Ilves Search and Ilves MyActivities

Attorneys-at-Law TRUST. is a Finnish law firm focusing on the most demanding M&A, strategic investments, complex technology and IP transactions, the energy sector, financial regulation, and banking assignments. The firm provides exceptional value through innovative solutions, specialist knowledge, insight, and maturity of judgment.

Competitive edge and scalability with Ilves SaaS legal tech solutions

In December 2020 the company successfully launched Ilves enterprise search and Ilves MyActivities services. These services are offered by Ilves as cloud-hosted SaaS solutions with a Microsoft O365 SSO authentication.

Jan Lindberg, a partner at Trust: “As a law firm, we have built our business by leveraging innovative technical solutions in our services, thereby building our competitive edge. Ilves Search and Ilves MyActivities drive these goals. We have grown into a law firm of ten people, so it was time to invest in our document management system. These novel and innovative tools make our operations more scalable”.

With Ilves Search, all information and materials in Microsoft 365 office applications become accessible to everyone at Trust quickly and in real-time from one place.

Published 08.2.2021 at 07:43