Ilves’ 2023 – rapid growth & Gen AI innovation

A big thank you to all our clients and collaboration partners for this year, and wishing everyone a happy and prosperous New Year! We will continue to pursue our mission of making data valuable with determination for the success of our clients.

We stayed on the growth path and developed the foundation for scalable growth

The past year was a year of growth. Our SaaS business turnover increased by over 75%, and we expect it to continue growing by over 50% in 2024. Despite slowing us down, heavy investments in Gen AI innovation and product developments will start paying off in 2024. We anticipate that the product development investments we made in 2023 will enable growth already this year. From 2025 onwards, they will significantly accelerate our growth.

Ilves’ vision for 2024

The niche of our vision and competitive edge lies in our ability to bring legal data and essential tools into one place. As a result of dozens of client talks, we are now ready for the launch of the Ilves Assistant, developed in collaboration with the leading legal service providers.

The core of our vision and competitive edge lies in our ability to bring legal data and essential tools together in one place.

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Have a great year! Let’s stay in touch.

Heikki Ilvessalo

Published 31.12.2023 at 08:40